Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where the sidewalk ends

On the way to school today, you spotted this and said: "Mom, there IS a place where the sidewalk really ends."  The Shel Silverstein poems are sinking in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dentist drama

After many dramatic, traumatic dentist appointments, Sam, you've FINALLY decided the dentist is OK.  This time, Nick went with you and he went first. 

Nick, you did a great job on your very FIRST trip to the dentist.  You sat on my lap, let the tech clean your teeth, and even got the flouride!!

Sam, after you watched Nick, it was smooth sailing from there.  Thank goodness... dentist appointments were becoming quite anxiety provoking for me!

How do I...

Yesterday you asked me:  "Mom, how do you make friends?"
You were completely serious and matter of fact.  At first I thought you were joking, but you really wanted to know "how" you make friends, as if there were a recipe.  We discussed how kids talk and play together, and if they are interested in similar things and like being together, they become friends.  Sometimes your parents are friends, sometimes you meet in school, sometimes you meet doing activities.  "Humf... I have friends" you responded.  And that was it.  Now you have the recipe.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Turtles don't have teeth

Sam: "the people who made the Nemo movie didn't draw him right... Turtles don't have teeth".

An astute observation, my little Sam. You are so bright!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicholas: 16 months old


You are just about to cross the 16-month mark and your character is already shining through loud and clear!  You are the happiest toddler I've ever met.  You smile constantly, have a bellowing laugh, you flirt, tease, and run into my arms to give me a big hug.  Our nap and nighttime routine is such a pleasure: you drink your bottle while making eyes at me and smiling, and you love when I point to your name letters on the wall (thanks Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Eric) and spell your name.  When I put you in the crib, you sit up, wave at me, and smile.  You are usually snoring within minutes!  You have gained the confidence to play rough with Sam -- body slams, jumping on top of him, and crashing into him with your ride-on tiger.  You are one tough cookie.

Watching you develop language is amazing.  Since Rosa Maria only speaks to you in Spanish, you seem to understand Spanish as well, if not better, than English.   Fortunately, "No" is the same in both languages and you have mastered that one!  You know the stove is a "no-no" because it's "hot."  You can tell me when your food is too "hot."  You know the light sockets are an "uh uh" (and you wave your hand or your finger to show me).  You know "car" and "walk" and when I ask you if you want your "pacha" (bottle), you take my finger and walk me to the kitchen to prepare it for you.  So far, you have only said "Da Da", which seems to refer to both of us, depending on who you are pointing to.  "Agua" was your first word and you LOVE water:  bath, shower, pool, watering plants, drinking water, playing in puddles, brushing your teeth with water.  You are my water baby!

First haircut!
You are also letting your stubborn side shine through.  When you get upset, you run away from me, sit on the floor, and put (or sometimes bang!) your head on the floor between your knees.  Lately, you've gotten creative and adopted the downward dog stance.  I like to call you "Yoga Baby."  I wish I had a photo, but I can't seem to grab my camera to document your tantrum.  You are insistent if you see something you want.  You point and say: "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah..."

Each day, I am more and more impressed with your abilities.  Your motor skills are terrific - you love to put caps on markers, put together  stacking boxes, and even play with blocks.  You watch Sam and want to do WHATEVER he does, including art.  You watch him draw and mimic him on his easel.  You get art supplies from his art cart, sit down at his art table, and color right on it.  Your got your first haircut this week and it made you look so much older ... and now you look as old as your are smart! 

Nicholas, I love watching you grow.  Some parents love their kids as little babies.  I love every moment of getting to know you and your budding personality.  I love you, Nick Nuk!

Love, Mom

When you have gray hair

When you have gray hair, you are retired... you know, when you stop going to work.  Only old people do that.   -Sam

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walking in the steps of Rop Pop

When I grow up I want to play football like Rop Pop. Then when I'm really old, I want to play golf and win trophies. Rop Pop says I can have his trophies when he dies if I don't win any myself.
-Sam to Carmen when she asked if he wanted to play water polo.