Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newborn photo shoot

Since I regretted not doing a professional photo shoot for Sam, I decided to make sure I got some good newborn pictures of Nicholas.  Of course, Sam the big bro, was included as well.   It seemed really simple as I was watching the photographer, but I've never taken shots that look like this.   I'm so pleased!

Nicholas, you were a bit of a squirmer -- fighting sleep the whole time.  Fortunately, I was able  to nurse you into a food coma - at least until we could get some shots of you.   Sam, you were NOT excited about this photo shoot at all -- throwing a fit when it came time for your turn.  You refused to take off your Mr Mischief shirt, so we compromised and you turned it around backwards.   But it all worked out (after 3 hours!).   Aren't my boys handsome??

Anni Oh Photography (www.anniohphotos.com/).  Anni is terrific!

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  1. Love these shots! She does beautiful work. (And I really like the idea of turning the shirt backwards. What a great compromise.)