Monday, August 15, 2011

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease


We all got hand-foot-mouth disease.  It's a pretty common child virus that results in high fevers, malaise, sores in hands, feet, mouth (go figure!) and was completely miserable for the three of us (Daddy avoided it!).   You all were troopers.   Sam, you got it first - probably from camp - and woke up from the afternoon nap with ouchy swollen cheeks!  Nicholas, you were hit a couple of days later with a 103 fever and hardly able to take a bottle because your mouth or throat hurt so badly.  Coincidentally, I was weaning you, so you were barely nursing at that point either.  Poor dear.  It was the first time I saw you really cranky.  At three months old, you have barely cried.  You are just the happiest baby ever.  You smile, coo, and play all day. 

During the illness, I revisited the dosage for Tylenol for you, Nicholas... it turns out that on those LA-Baltimore flights (to LA, home for Stuart's birth, back to LA, and home again), I was not only giving you Ibuprofen (which is not recommended for kids under 6 months), but I was dosing you like a 25lb kid (you weighed about 13lbs)!  OOOOOPS!  I told your pediatrician about my mistake and she was not worried, but said prolonged ibuprofen use can cause damage.  Wow, I must have grabbed the wrong bottle.  Neither Dad nor I realized it.   Anyway, i guess that explains you sleeping through all four flights.  Sorry sweetheart, but thanks for sleeping  ;)

I love you guys SO much.

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  1. Oh, my. That must have been a miserable time for all of you. Glad you all pulled through!