Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Samism: The pork chop in the tummy of America

Sam, last night you were telling me that Baltimore is in America.  America is all around us.  Therefore, we are in the tummy of America.  And our house is "like the pork chop in the tummy of America."  I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but it's priceless.   I was laying in bed with you, trying to put you to sleep, but I couldn't stop laughing.  The two of us just laid in your bed giggling.

Valentines Day 2012

My boys... you are my Valentines.  I wake up and see your smiling faces and I melt.   Sam, you walk out of your room and your face lights up when you see me and Dad.  I love to see you first thing in the morning (well.... as long as it's after 6am!).  And Nicholas, every morning you wake up with a smile.  You will chat to yourself for a while in your crib and then get just a little louder to let us know its time to get up.  When I come to get you, you have a giant grin on your face... what a fabulous way to start the day.

Last night we made valentines for your class.  You picked tattoos for each classmate based on what you thought they would like. You even drew some special pictures for your friends.  This morning, we planted the strawberry seeds I got you for Valentines Day in little pots.  We will watch them grow and then plant them in our NEW garden in the spring.

We play this game where I pretend to eat your food before I give it to you:   "Is this for me?"  "Nooooooo....its for you!"    You laugh and laugh and laugh!  Sometimes we play it with your pacifier.  BUT, this morning, for the first time, YOU played with me.  You put your paci in your mouth, took it out, looked at me with a sly little face, and put it in my mouth .... and laughed.  You were playing with me!  It is so neat to see you developing into a little person. 

Happy Valentines Day to my special boys.
Love,  Mom

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nicholas is getting teeth!

November 9, 2012.  The day I saw your first tooth.

Sam didn't get teeth until shortly after he turned 1, so I wasn't even looking for you teeth, Nicholas.  But lo and behold, you have 2 bottom teeth at 9 months old!  You haven't fussed, drooled, or spiked a fever.  They just came in!  And it looks like you have some on the top coming in too.  This is good news since you are quickly losing interest in baby food and gaining interest in just about everything else.  

Your 9 month checkup stats:

Weight: 21lb 6oz (75%)
Height: 30.74 (>95%)   Dr. Starr says you're tracking to be 6'2".
Head: 18.66 (90-95%)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sam is the Trash Police

Sam, on the way to school you saw a plastic bottle near a storm drain and declared you would one day have a hundred... No a million dollars to buy a bunch of nets to keep the trash out of the streams. I'm speechless... And overflowing with pride. You are one in a million.