Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nicholas is getting teeth!

November 9, 2012.  The day I saw your first tooth.

Sam didn't get teeth until shortly after he turned 1, so I wasn't even looking for you teeth, Nicholas.  But lo and behold, you have 2 bottom teeth at 9 months old!  You haven't fussed, drooled, or spiked a fever.  They just came in!  And it looks like you have some on the top coming in too.  This is good news since you are quickly losing interest in baby food and gaining interest in just about everything else.  

Your 9 month checkup stats:

Weight: 21lb 6oz (75%)
Height: 30.74 (>95%)   Dr. Starr says you're tracking to be 6'2".
Head: 18.66 (90-95%)

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