Monday, March 26, 2012

Do fish have necks?

You boys... you never cease to amaze me.  Today was just a normal day and you two make it extraordinary.  I love you so much. 

Nicholas, you really have taken your first word, agua, and run with it.  You ask for it when you want it, you point to it when you see it.  There is no doubt in my mind anymore.  AGUA is your first word.  I love it!

Funny Face
And your expressions.  You are finding your outer voice for your inner frustration.  You make a very serious face and growl when you want something.   It's only a matter of time before you find a few words to add to your repertoire so I can understand you a little better!  Nevertheless, you are the happiest baby around.  Happy to play.  Happy (real happy!) to eat.  Happy to be outside.  In the yard, you make a bee-line for the swings.  You love to swing.

First there was your walker.  It took you a few weeks to warm up to the walker but once you decided it was going to give you some freedom it took you about 24 hours to master that thing.  You can do a 3-point turn to get yourself out of any situation.  You've even figured out how to lift up the front if you get stuck on a rug.  Pretty sharp, little man!

And now, you've moved on to your push wagon.  You push it yourself and with Sam in it.  You even like to climb into it and stand up.  I think you're gonna be a pretty adventurous guy - you don't seem to be scared of anything!

Your Dad and I have a bet about when you will walk.  I say right at 12 months.  He thinks by 11 months.   You could wake up tomorrow and walk.  Wouldn't surprise me.  :)

god is Nature
Sam, tonight, I told you the story of the lost city of Atlantis.  When explaining that the god of the sea, Poseidon, was the ruler of Atlantis, you asked me why there was more than one god at Atlantis.  Since you've been taught about one God at school, this was a legitimate question.  I explained that people believe different things and that long ago many people believed in gods of all kinds of things: sea, love...  Your response astounded me:  "Mom, maybe it's just like God is everywhere so there are lots of different gods.  Maybe god is nature."   Religion is not a straightforward concept in our house.  We don't subscribe to any one religion, but you are learning Christianity in school.  On your very own, you came up with a set of beliefs that have taken me over 30 years to cultivate and articulate:  god is Nature.

Do Fish Have Necks?
You also ask the most probing questions.  Today you asked both me and your Dad (separately) whether fish have necks.  I'm not sure if you thought of this questions because you seem to notice the smallest details in your drawing.  Perhaps you were drawing a fish and wondered if you should draw a neck.  Whatever the reason, we talked about how fish don't have necks like us and how they have to turn their bodies if they want to see from side to side.  You made the astute observation that fish can bend much easier than we can so that's not such a big deal.  In addition, we talked about vertebrate and invertebrate animals and you understood it right away.  Fish.  Vertebrate.  Snail.  Invertebrate.  Butterfly.  Invertebrate, of course, you said.

Shrimp School
And yesterday,  I had bought 6 shrimp at Whole Foods for you and you asked why I didn't buy more.  I explained that I rarely buy shrimp because fishing for shrimp destroys the oceans.   We spent the rest of the night and the morning playing a game where you were a shrimp and I was a shrimp fisherman.  You explained to me how my nets scraped the bottom of the ocean and pulled out all the coral and seaweed, caught lots of fish and turtles, and everything died.   We decided that we would start a shrimp school and teach the fisherman about how those nets hurt the ocean.  We would teach them to fish for shrimp with a fishing pole, which was your clever idea.  One fishing pole can't hurt the ocean floor and will only catch one shrimp!   I can't wait to start our shrimp school!

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  1. I think shrimp school is my favorite. On a similar note Sam & I saw the play Clever Rachel on Sunday at Pumpkin Theatre. On the way home I recounted the story to you so you could commit it to memory. We also learned what an edge was and right away you had it mastered. Stop sign has edges, bowling pin, no edges. Love you & our Sunday Pumpkin Theatre time together