Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jamaica, mon!

After looking at pictures of our destination for 6 months, we finally made the family trip to Jamaica.  The Steinys, The Fentons, and The Smiths.  One word:  AMAZING!  The Tyrall Club has a magnificent villa, Sea Salt (, with a fabulous staff that made our vacation unforgettable.
We woke up to bright sunny skies and breakfast made by Chef Norman and delivered by Nigel with a smile and a "you're very welcome."  Nicholas and Sam you both LOVED the tropical fruit every morning.  

We would spend mornings on the beach playing, snorkeling, building sandcastles, and even treating Mom's hair with coconut milk!

Stu and Nicholas ate their first sand and Sam found a sea cucumber. We went on a nature walk and discovered shy plant, which would close up when you touched it.  We also saw urchins, sea fans, sponges, and sand dollars washed up on the rocks.  We traveled around the property to see an old canon that protected Tryall when it was a sugar plantation, the old water wheel used to process the sugar cane, and even visited Keith, the woodworker.   Sam, you ate lunch at the beach almost every day:  3 dinner rolls, cheeseburger or grilled cheese, french fries, and a glass of milk.

Beach time was followed by a fantastic lunch by the pool (chicken wraps, sandwiches, oxtail with rice/beans, fish kabobs, salad, fruit, and usually some cocktails).

Swimming in the pool was a real highlight for all the kids.  Sam, you LOVED the pool ring - you swam in that the whole vacation.  Nicholas and Stu loved their floaty rings too.  Nicholas, you showed your true inner fish -- you were swimming on your belly, getting your face wet, and kicking your legs.  You loved the pool.

We all usually had quite time/naptime after the pool.  Sometimes we played shuffleboard, had putting contests, or just drank cocktails... thanks Nigel!  Dinner was served at 6:30 and Chef Norman always impressed... fish, chicken, whatever... it was all good.  And dessert... homemade and amazing.  Needless to say, this week will be about food discipline.  

This was a vacation to be remembered for all time.*  Thanks Sea Salt for being our home away from home!

*There were a few forgettable moments, however:

1.  prior to the trip, Nicholas & Sam you both came down with the Norovirus stomach bug.  Fortunately, Sam, you were spared and had it for only one day.  Nicholas, you were sick for a week.  We thought we'd be safe since you got sick on Tuesday and we left Saturday but diarreah on the plane and projectile vomiting on night 1 were our reality.  You didn't eat for almost a week forcing us to re-up on Pedialyte in Jamacia costing us about $100 for the $7 bottles and the $80 ride to the store.  You're worth every penny, though!  Despite feeling stinky, you managed a smile in between each nap and even slept pretty well.  By Wednesday night, the Nicholas we know was back in action.
2.  given it's contagiousness, the Norovirus (AKA "the Goo") circulate through the family hitting some harder than others, but not enough to ruin the vacation for anyone!
3. the plane ride home was not exactly one to remember... Nicholas, you and your cousin Stuart decided naps were out of the question so you squirmed and cried on our laps for 3+ hours despite having your own seat.  That was money well spent  :)!

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