Monday, July 23, 2012

Sam, the Lorax

Sam, tonight we read The Lorax.  It wasn't your first time hearing the story, but you made some astonishing observations:

1.  Why can't they just build a ladder and take off the leaves of the Truffula trees instead of cutting them down?
2.  Why don't they close off the chimneys in the factory so the smog doesn't get out into the air?  They should  also close the ovens inside the factory so that the workers don't get sick.
3.  Why don't they put the goop into an underground tank so that it doesn't go into the water?

I'm pretty sure our planet's best engineers have asked the same questions and come up with pretty similar answers. 

And then you went on to ask me what was "nature".... animals, plants, humans... cars?
When I explained that cars aren't nature, you retorted that you could make them nature by putting a lot of dirt on top, holding it there, and growing something.  A green-roofed car.  Now, I'm not sure our planet's best engineers have yet to conceive of this concept, but I think it's genius.  I am so very proud of you.  Your creativity, ingenuity, and compassion are stunning.

Love you!

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